A Biblical Defense of Marriage: Viva La Difference!

October 23, 2016

These are my notes from a message by Pastor Barry Cureton of Liberty Church PCA.  It is taken from Genesis 1:26-31; 2:4-8, 15-20.

Click here to listen to Pastor Barry’s message in its entirety.

Advocates for same-sex marriage claim their movement is all about equality, civil rights and love.  They ask, “How can Christians be opposed to loving, committed, monogamous relationships?”

They say Christians are really against civil rights, love and equality…that Christians do not want to fulfill Christ’s call to love one another.

Advocates for same-sex marriage say that gender doesn’t really matter with regard to marriage.

How can Christians respond to the redefinition of marriage?  How can we support the Biblical view that marriage is only between one man and one woman?

Redefining marriage redefines the family – and redefining the family redefines the society that is comprised of families.

False teachings are pervading evangelical communities – making things acceptable that are not acceptable to God.  Many within evangelical communities are now supporting same-sex marriage.

God has a specific plan and purpose for marriage.  He created marriage with certain male-female principles as requirements.



The roles of the man and the woman are different within the marriage relationship.  Society wants to blur/obscure/diffuse/obliterate the gender roles constituted by God.  Society wants to say, “Everyone is equal.”

However, equality does not mean the same.  Although men and women are equal before God, our roles are different.

God created male and female with specific gender roles – they are not blurred together.

God’s view of the family is not the same as the world’s view.  See Ephesians 5 and Philippians 2.


Adam was created first, but he was incomplete.  ALONE, he could not fulfill God’s creation mandate to be fruitful and to multiply.

As God’s chosen ruler for this earth, Adam named all the created animals – and they all had mates.  However, Adam did not have any mate.

God formed Eve from Adam…to complete him.


Diversity exists naturally in the relationship between man and woman:

–          Adam was created first

–          Adam was created from the dust of the earth

–          Eve was formed from Adam

–          Adam was the leader…he named all the created animals

–          Adam also named Eve…Eve was subordinate to Adam…Eve supported Adam and nurtured their children

These gender differences complemented and completed each other.


Unity exists naturally within the diversity of male and female:

–          Adam and Eve completed each other (see Ephesians 5:22-24)

–          While there are diversity of roles, there is but one flesh, one union, one body

–          We are separate and distinct…and yet made for each other…united together as one body

Marriage mirrors the church’s relationship with Christ – one body united to Christ


These roles are not interchangeable!  They cannot be suspended!

Marriage is a shadow or figure or type of the church’s relationship to Christ

One Christ united to one universal church…one man united to one woman



Same-sex marriages cannot fulfill the creation mandate to multiply and fill the earth.  For this reason, gender is very important!

Mothers and fathers both are very important when it comes to parenting and raising children…with their different roles.

Mothers and fathers are not interchangeable!

The role of the father is crucial to the childhood development.

God’s Scriptural commandment is to “Honor your Father and Mother” – both are needed!

Same-sex marriage redefines parenthood – and children will always suffer as a result

To God Be The Glory!

An Office Prayer

October 19, 2016

Here is an office prayer I came across many years ago.  I have it framed in my office.  It’s a reminder for me to begin each workday with prayer – and on more than a few occasions has served as a springboard to talk about the Lord.  Over the years, several colleagues have asked for a copy of it.


Heavenly Father, as I enter this workplace, I bring Your presence with me.

I ask that Your peace, Your grace, and Your perfect order be brought into the atmosphere of this office.

I acknowledge Your Lordship over all that will be spoken, thought, decided and accomplished within these walls.

Lord Jesus, I thank You for the gifts You have deposited in me. I do not take them lightly, but commit to using them responsibly and well.

Give me a fresh supply of truth and beauty on which to draw as I do my job.

Anoint my creativity, my ideas, and my energy so that even my smallest task may bring You honor.

When I’m confused, guide me.

When I’m weary, energize me.

Lord, when I’m burned out, infuse me with the Light of Your Holy Spirit.

May the work that I do and the way that I do it bring hope, life and courage to all that I come into contact with today.

And, oh LORD, even in this day’s most stressful moments…may I rest in You.

In Your strong and powerful Name I pray.  Amen


To God Be The Glory!

Advancing God’s Kingdom: The Personal Testimony

October 16, 2016

These are my notes from a message by Pastor Russ Sukhia of Liberty Church PCA.  It is taken from John 4:3-38.

Click here to listen to Pastor Russ’ message in its entirety.

We can learn several important lessons from the story of Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well in John Chapter 4:

God’s Providence: Christ’s meeting with this woman was not a coincidence.  Scripture tells us He ‘needed’ to go thru Samaria.

Christ’s Person: Jesus was wearied and tired, revealing for us His full humanity as well as divinity

Christ’s Dealings with Unbelievers: He quickly revealed that the woman’s real problem was sin when He told her to “Call your husband”

John 4 shows us the importance of personal testimonies and how God uses them to bring people to saving faith.  Sharing the Gospel with someone is really “one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread.”


Personal testimony is often the means God uses to produce faith in men’s hearts

Acts 26:9 and following – Paul told his own personal story

We should want to tell those we love most about God’s gift…eternity itself is on the line!

How can we not share this glorious news with those we love the most…our loved ones and family?

The Samaritan woman earnestly and passionately told others what she personally knew and experienced

This woman’s story was the instrument through which God brought many to faith, and led others to consider it.


Our past life does not limit what Christ can do through us today

Consider that the Samaritan woman was a known adulteress; Saul of Tarsus was a known Christian terrorist

The church is an assembly of sinners who have been redeemed (1 Cor 6:11)

We can earnestly tell others what we have personally experienced as a result of Christ’s presence in our lives – the joy, peace, comfort, contentment, satisfaction


Let our earnestness, passion and zeal also be mixed with prudence and judiciousness

Notice the tact and sensitivity of the Samaritan woman’s testimony: “Could this be the Christ?” Given her rank in society, her message would have been received quite differently had she said “This is the Christ!”

Put God’s truth in the shape of what your audience will understand

“Become all things to all men so that we can save some”


Saving faith can arise apart from a personal testimony — God uses other means too

Once we’ve shared the Gospel, God has many ways to cause the seed of faith to sprout

God can use other means to bring people to faith in addition to personal testimonies…even sickness

We shouldn’t be dismayed if it appears others do not believe our message right away


Personal experiences trump other’s testimonies

People come to faith because of what they experience themselves…through their own regeneration

Saving faith will come through experience

It is one thing to know there is a cure for your disease – it’s another thing entirely to personally take the medicine

“We’ve heard about X, Y & Z…but we’ve personally experienced 1, 2 & 3”


Let us not be filled with regret or shame from not telling our loved ones about Christ…don’t wait until it’s too late!  Redeem the time while it is still day.


To God Be The Glory!