A Spiritual Checkup for Churches

Recently, many citizens in a nearby community expressed outrage over a local video store selling and renting pornographic material.  The local newspaper ran a Sunday front-page article entitled “Debate Over Decency” describing how one church dealt with the manner.  In one of our county’s largest churches, however, not even a whisper was heard from the pulpit.

Our churches have many important functions, but its primary role remains unchanged since Christ issued His Great Commission: to faithfully present the Gospel to its community and around the world.  If each of our churches would decide, “We’re going to be absolutely faithful to the Bible; we’re going to preach the whole counsel of God; we’re going to proclaim the Gospel of grace; we’re also going to proclaim the fact of judgment and hell, even as the Bible presents it,” then we would find our churches making a tremendous impact in our neighborhoods.

Sadly, this is not happening in many of our churches today.  I didn’t hear my former church speak out against abortion, homosexuality or pornography.  It would not even acknowledge that homosexuality is a sin.  What a disgrace!  Too many churches today seem more intent on being politically correct than biblically correct.  They don’t present the whole counsel of God, but only those verses that are nice, that make its members feel good, that win friends and influence people.  There is an increasing unwillingness to present those passages that speak about judgment.  There is even a hesitation by some pastors to acknowledge the biblical reality of hell and the preeminent role of Christ as mankind’s only sin-bearer.

Too frequently, they do not believe that the Bible is the divine Word – they simply believe the Bible contains some of the divine Word.

When a church is not faithful to God’s Word, it has no power; consequently, God does not bless His Word and the church is very ineffective, not only in its own congregation but also in the city it serves.  I believe this is what is happening in many of our communities.  Our churches are no longer being as faithful as they might in honoring God’s Word.  Is it any wonder then why they are not realizing their full potential of restoring our cities and nation?  The world will only be healed if it is given the cure it desperately needs – and in a world dying of sin, what it needs more than anything else is the true Gospel.

God is faithful and He will honor His Word.  When our churches likewise are faithful to the Gospel, it’s not just a horizontal activity where the pastors are proclaiming the Gospel to groups of believers.  There is also a vertical dynamic to those churches, where God uses those churches in a much more powerful way than what appears on the surface.  God Himself will bless His Gospel.

This is where the changes occur. 

I look forward to a day when all our neighborhoods will be free from businesses that cater to man’s lustful desires.  However, in order for this to happen, our hearts must be transformed.  What is impossible for us is not impossible for God.  He will work within His remaining faithful churches and through their faithful pastors and congregations to accomplish this miracle.  May God grant each of us the privilege of joyously serving in such a faithful church!

How spiritually healthy is your church?  Does it proclaim the whole counsel fo God?  Or does it only talk about how God loves us and has a marvelous plan for our lives?  We’re very curious to hear. 

To God Be The Glory!



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