How Long Were Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden?

How long were Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before they fell into sin?  The Bible doesn’t tell us how long it was, but we do know that Adam was 130 years old when he begat Seth. We read this in Genesis 5:3: “And Adam lived 130 years, and begat a son in his own likeness, after his image; and called his name Seth.”

Before Seth was born, according to the Biblical record, we know that the following events occurred:

a)      Adam and Eve were created on Day 6 of creation week in the Garden of Eden.

b)      They fell into sin, and they were driven out of the Garden.

c)       Eve conceived and bore Cain.

d)      Eve again conceived and bore Abel.

e)      These two sons grew up to manhood.

f)       Cain eventually killed Abel.

It was only after all of these events that Seth was born. Therefore, we know all of these above events took place within a span of 130 years.

While the Bible doesn’t give us a precise timeframe, from God’s account in Genesis we do know that Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden free of sin and communing with God only for a relatively short period of time.

Sin forever separated them from this paradise and their LORD…and our sin separates us from God as well.


Although we’ve sinned against our holy God and Creator and although we deserve His wrath, His love for lost sinners was so great that He provided a way for us to be forgiven.  He sent His own dear Son into this world, the God-man, Christ Jesus.  Born of a virgin, He didn’t inherit our sinful nature. He perfectly kept His Father’s laws every single day of His life.  He went to the cross — not for His own sins, but for our sins.  He went as a sacrifice.  He went as a sacrificial lamb, crying out in effect “Father punish Me and let them go free.”

God put upon His own Son His wrath and anger for our sin. And because Jesus paid that debt, we can now be forgiven.  Jesus rose from the dead.  He gathered together with His apostles and He told them to go out into all the world and preach this gospel, this good news.

What is that good news?  That if men will but repent of their sin – “God I’m a sinner and I see it and I’m sorry.  I turn away from them in disgust, and lay hold upon Jesus Christ by faith. I believe that Jesus died on that cross and rose again.  I want Him as my Saviour” – if men will do that, then their sins will be forgiven.

We can only stand before a holy God because of what Jesus Christ has done for us.

To God Be The Glory!

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  5. Nkosikhona sinqe says:

    I just want to know how old is earth

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